Top 10 Cocktail Spots and Wine Bars in Lisbon

The cocktail and wine scene in Lisbon has something for every traveler. Portugal's capital is known for its blue skies, shining beaches and its drinking scene! People from around the world visit to experience the fantastic wine that's sold at unbelievably low prices and to visit the wineries across the country. Not only that, but Lisbon has become the new European hotspot for pre-wedding parties because of its thriving and trendy bar scene.

If you’re looking for the typical, tourist must-do experience or looking to get a snapshot view of what one producer has to offer in the Portugal wine scene, then this list has something for you.  Our list of the Top 10 Cocktail Spots and Wine Bars in Lisbon offers an array of experiences for every thirsty traveler. Read on to find the spots that are best for you!

1. Loucos e Sonhadores

When traveling it’s always a great experience to hit up the local dive, and here in Lisbon that is Loucos e Sonhadores. Drinks are cheap, the decor is eclectic and well, a lot of what you might see in a local, dive bar. Graffitied urinals and random, but interesting objects. Here, you can have a glass of beer, wine or even a cocktail. Don’t expect anything too highbrow, but come here ready to socialize as locals may be quick to chat you up. You can also snag some free popcorn! 

2. A Ginjinha

A Ginjinha isn’t a bar in the traditional sense where you’ll sit down and listen to some music, but it most certainly is a must-see experience when you come to Lisbon. Don’t be turned off by the tourists who’ll frequent this space- you absolutely have to try a shot of Portugal’s signature, sour cherry liqueur. What better spot to go to than A Ginjinha? After all, this hole in the wall which first opened its doors in 1840 is centrally located in old town Lisbon and has seen the likes of travel legends like Anthony Bourdain.

YourMobileGuide has included A Ginjinha on their tour of Lisbon City Center audio- guide. Find out more information about this site and other top attractions when you tour with them. 

3. Quiosque Principe Real

Kiosks around Lisbon embody the carefree eating and drinking culture that characterizes Lisbon. Picture an elevated 7/11 that dates back to the 19th century, featuring Art Nouveau architectural designs and an array of timelessly hip snacks and drinks. Quiosque Principe Real is our top pick because of the pleasant location in the Principe Real neighborhood. Bask in the sun with a drink and some Portuguese snacks while watching Lisboetas and tourists stroll by. If you like what you see here, join a self-guided audio Kiosk Tour of Lisbon and explore the city's best spots.

  • Address: Jardim do Príncipe Real, 1250-301 Lisbon
  • Hours: Weekdays 7am-9pm
  • Faceboook Link

4. Monkey Mash

Popcorn on a cocktail, banana split, salted grapefruit, passion fruit kombucha and tequila!? Yes, these are some of the bright, fresh and playful pairings you’ll see at Lisbon’s Monkey Mash. The decor of this underground bar is just as beautiful and eye-catching as the presentation and taste of their lively cocktails! Monkey Mash is a fun, tropical bar that will tickle all of your senses! We suggest making reservations at this hot spot as it can become very crowded as the night goes on. 

5. Toca da Raposa Bar

If you’re in a funky and posh mood, then head to the super cool Toca da Raposa Bar. You’ll be transported to a sleek and dramatic cave with low lighting and modern, no-frills furniture. The Japanese inspired menu is a foodie’s dream featuring shrimp yakisoba brioches and deep-fried oysters. The cocktails are sophisticated yet approachable featuring herbs like chamomile, lemon verbena and bayleaf. Did I mention that Toca da Raposa sources its ingredients locally? From the ambiance, to the provisions to the cocktails, you will be enchanted and perhaps even come back again!

→ Toca da Raposa is in the same neighborhood as many of Lisbon's Top Sights. Take some time to explore the must-see attractions before winding down with a drink. 

6. SEEN Lisbon by Olivier

SEEN by Olivier is a super trendy bar located in Hotel Tivoli, a recommended hotel for group stays in Lisbon. Upon walking into rooftop SEEN, get ready to be blown away by a world class view of Lisbon. SEEN does have a dress code and the average meal at their restaurant, prepared by chef Olivier, is 60 euros. They have a fantastic food menu which includes foie gras, beef tartare and a sushi bar as well as an impressive list of traditional and experimental cocktails. 

7. Fabrica da Musa

In the Marvila neighborhood you’ll find old warehouses renovated into inspiring work spaces, a handful of craft breweries and art galleries. Yes, you heard that right, craft beer! We highly recommend grabbing a pint or more at Fabrica Musa as it is the first spot in Portugal to produce artisan beer. Here you will find brewers with immense passion for the art of brewing beer and a deep desire to make it available to all. Pints average 4.50 euro, too! Chill for a bit in this industrial brewhouse with an IPA or exotic beer. 

8. Old Pharmacy Wine Inn

The Old Pharmacy Wine Inn is a 100-year-old, traditional, Portuguese pharmacy turned wine bar located in the heart of the Bairro Alto neighborhood. The green, blue and red lighting amidst the white cabinets and walls create a festive mood, or you can sit outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of Bairro Alto. With approximately 350 wines stocked away in original medicine cabinets, the staff is quick to happily assist you with the wine selection. Not to mention, the cheese and charcuterie boards are delicious and generously sized.

9. By the Wine

Located in the historic and sophisticated Chiado neighborhood, By The Wine is an excellent wine bar to explore if you are interested in tasting what Portugal has to offer. By The Wine offers the entire Sogrape selection, which is the leading wine producer in Portugal. Sogrape also has properties in New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Spain. In addition to a plethora of wines to try by the glass, By The Wine offers some incredible tapas and plates ranging from house made bread, Iberian ham, salmon ceviche and loin steak sandwiches. 

Chiado is a top pick district for those staying in Lisbon. Discover more about the most popular hotels in Lisbon's central neighborhoods before making your booking. 

10. Foxtrot

While Lisbon’s bar scene offers many different experiences, Foxtrot is truly unique. Ring a bell to enter the bar, which has been designed to mimic a speakeasy and welcomes thirsty travelers with the most charming Art Deco and vintage styled atmosphere. Sip in a dimly lit room and enjoy their most popular cocktails which have been named after Lisbon’s darling neighborhoods. When the weather is nice, head out to their garden area and bask in the sunshine or pull up a seat beside the fire when the capital experiences a few chilly winter months. We advise trying to make the happy hour which is offered weekdays from 6-9pm

There you have it, a very brief, but hopefully informative quick guide to kick off or continue your travels in the multifaceted city of Lisbon. Remember, there is a place for everyone here in this beautiful, global city. And if you are ever really at a loss for where to start, simply start walking and exploring-you never know what you might stumble upon!

Leave us a comment with which bars you loved and what you found best to order! If you’re interested in having a drink above the city, check out our article on the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Lisbon!

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