11 Top Historic Hotels in Lisbon

What better way to begin your stay in Lisbon than at one of their many historic hotels? 

Portugal’s capital has almost 3,000 years of history and these heritage sites combine the beloved tradition of the country with modern comfort. 

The locations on this list include historic hotels that range from quaint boutiques to 5-star stays. They can accommodate family travels, romantic getaways or group events. The heritage hotels in Lisbon are charming, luxurious and most of all, authentic. 

1. As Janelas Verdes in Lisbon

As Janelas Verdes appeals to travelers looking for an intimate atmosphere. The 18th century former townhouse creates a picturesque feeling for guests, making it seem as if you’re in a home rather than a hotel. Despite being a townhouse the rooms are spacious, comfortable, decorated with antique furniture and best of all- most offer great views. 

Lose yourself on the top floor of As Janelas Verdes, where a library with panoramic views of the city is located, or venture into the back garden for a quiet place to soak in the sunshine. Indulge in their impressive breakfast which should leave you satisfied well into the afternoon. 

The hotel offers a special deal, the Golden Age, where as long as one person in the booking is at least 50 years old, the guests receive a discount on the room as well as free passes for museums.

Learn more about the best museums and cultural sights in Lisbon with our complete guide. 

2. Aurea Museum Hotel in Lisbon

Located at the base of the Alfama hills, the Aurea Museum looks directly at the shining Tagus River and has the most historic neighborhood in the city directly behind it. 

The building of the Aurea Museum Hotel is a cultural heritage site, centuries old. Inside guests will discover the on-site archaeological museum that features the country’s history as it developed, from the Roman era to the Age of Discovery. It’s the perfect place to dive into the story of Lisbon.

The 5-star hotel offers modern facilities, such as a heated indoor pool, grand elegant rooms and an inviting spa with massage services and Turkish baths. 

  • Take an afternoon to learn more about Lisbon with the audio-guide Tase of Alfama, which explores the oldest neighborhood in the city and the beloved food of the country. 

3. Corpo Santo Lisbon

The Corpo Santo Lisbon Hotel is located in the central neighborhood of Cais do Sodré.  Just a few minutes walk from the coastal train station, the popular food hall, Time Out Market and the vibrant nightlife area of Pink Street, Corpo Santo is the perfect choice for enjoying the best of Lisbon.

The hotel features elegant and simple decor, both modern and reflective of Portuguese culture. A unique feature is the Fernandina Room, an intimate living room where guests can come to unwind with a book or cocktail. But what makes this room special is that it includes a large section of wall from the 14th century, reminding guests of Portugal's rich past.

Here you won’t find the traditional breakfast buffet, but rather an à la carte experience with all dishes personally served to your private table. Many guests agree that this is one of the best breakfasts in the city. Corpo Santo also organizes free walking tours for those looking to get out and dive into the history of Lisbon!

→  For more information on walking tours, check out the Guide to the Best Audio Tours in Lisbon. With YourMobileGuide visitors can skip group tours and explore at their own pace.

4. Hotel Avenida Palace in Lisbon

Erected in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Lisbon, the Hotel Avenida Palace is breathtaking. Just down the street from the central Rossio Square, restaurants, bars, shopping and many historical sights are just steps away. 

This historic building wows visitors and passersby as if it really were a palace. Beyond the marvelous stone facade you will discover a grand interior with vintage decorations. The old-world theme dominates here with marble flooring beneath your feet and crystal chandeliers dangling overhead. 

One aspect that guests really appreciate about Avenida Palace is the Living Room, which features a golden atrium beside a stunning fountain and a grand piano. For the best view in the hotel, ask for a room that faces São Jorge Castle

5. Heritage Avenida Liberdade in Lisbon

Sharing the large boulevard, Avenida da Liberdade with high-end shopping, world class restaurants, theaters and other four and five star hotels is the Heritage Avenida Liberdade.

The 18th century building was renovated by architect Miguel Cancio Martins whose work can be found in many of Europe's most desirable capital cities. He put his heart and soul into this building and despite renovations, many of the original details have remained. Great lengths were taken to preserve the facade, romantic verandas,  iron work shutters, colorful Pombaline tiles and the beautiful wooden front door. 

Step inside and welcome a world that has one foot in nostalgia and one in modernity. The hotel is so well-designed and representative of Lisbon’s heritage  that it holds multiple awards, ranging from best value, to traveler’s choice and expert’s choice. 

6. Hotel Britannia Art Deco in Lisbon

With centuries of history, there is much to discover about the different eras in Lisbon. At the Hotel Britannia, immerse yourself in the glamorous Art Deco scene from the early 20th century. 

Warm colors and bold lines greet guests as they enter and the more than thirty rooms showcase stylish furniture, cork flooring and interesting wall paintings. Indulge in an excellent glass of port wine at the bar which features art from the Portuguese Age of Discovery and colonial eras. Not ready to wine? Make sure to catch an afternoon tea, served daily at five pm. 

Hotel Britannia is located on a quiet street which juts off from the central Avenida da Liberdade and is only a few hundred meters from main metro stations. 

7. Palacete Chafariz Del Rei in Lisbon

Feel like an aristocrat or friend of the royal family when you stay at the Palacete Chafariz DelRei. The 19th century townhouse turned hotel offers a truly unforgettable experience of dreamy details. 

Admire the stained glass windows and boldly colored oriental rugs. Sit beneath sparkling chandeliers as you dive into a book in the wood paneled library. The dining room can only be described as ornate, with period style furniture and tiered trays overflowing with delicious baked goods. 

The location, just at the base of Alfama, offers convenience and beauty. The neighborhood is lined with historical architecture and postcard-worthy river views which are best explored using our One Day Guide to Alfama.  

8. Pestana Palace Lisboa Hotel and National Monument 

Pestana Palace doubles as a luxury hotel and National Monument. The restored 19th century palace is sophisticated yet chic. Its ideal location, situated between Lisbon center and the cultural riverside neighborhood of Belém, make it easy to reach the top attractions in the city. 

Long romantically decorated corridors, large beautiful windows and a wide collection of artwork and antiques make Pestana Palace feel like a museum.  You can expect elegant rooms with breathtaking balcony views of the river or garden when you stay here.  It has been recognized as one of the leading hotels in the world for their exceptional service and outstanding guest experience.

Get out and enjoy a day in Belém, touring the top museums, cultural sights and parks. The Tour of Belém audio-guide takes you to the must-see places in the neighborhood and explains their significance and history. 

If you’re in search of location and history, perhaps this is the best hotel you will find in the city. Seated just along the perimeter of Praça do Comércio, Lisbon 's main riverfront plaza, is Pousada de Lisboa. The Pombaline style area was once the site of the royal palace before the earthquake of 1755.  This hotel was not only the former residence of some of Portugal’s past royalty, but  functioned as a meeting place for ministers in later years.

In less than a minute you can reach the riverside, stand below the triumphant Rua Augusta Arch or stroll down the attractive Rua Augusta pedestrian shopping street. This is perhaps the best location in the city for those who want to be near it all. Make sure to ask for a room which faces the praça to obtain incredible views. 

10. Solar do Castelo in Lisbon

Looking to stay in a hotel which offers a once in a lifetime opportunity? Then your visit to Lisbon must include a booking at the Solar do Castelo, located within the São Jorge Castle complex. Once the 18th century royal kitchens, Solar do Castelo is now a unique historic boutique hotel. 

Solar do Castelo is the only hotel within the castle and although it's small, it's bursting with character. The stone walls, natural wood furniture and traditional Portuguese tiles transport visitors to a time of the past all while maintaining the highest levels of comfort. 

With less than twenty rooms on site, you’re bound to bump into the same faces around the grounds or while enjoying a drink on the delightful patio. 

11. York House Lisboa

What makes York House Lisboa different from many other accommodations in the capital city is that here guests have the chance to stay in a Carmelite convent turned hotel.

The small, historic boutique hotel features traditional 17th century flare with contemporary designs. It’s situated just a few districts outside of the city center, in the upscale neighborhood of Lapa, offering a quiet and peaceful getaway while still being on the tram line.  Unwind in the romantic courtyard or dine at their inhouse fantastic restaurant which serves great Portuguese cuisine. 

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