Taxis in Lisbon: Uber, Airport Shuttles & Rates

When visiting Lisbon there are various options of public transportation available as well as taxis and ride shares.

In this article we have collected information on both options regarding prices and how they work.

1. Local Taxis in Lisbon: How do they work?

Taxis are an easy way to travel around Lisbon as fares are slightly less expensive than other European countries. Most drivers are a bit older and may not speak much English, but if you write down your destination that should avoid any confusion. 

Many taxis carry up to 4 passengers with some available for up to 7 passengers, however, these are slightly more expensive. If you need a larger taxi you can schedule it ahead of time free of charge either by using the FREE NOW app or having your hotel arrange transportation. You can also attempt to catch one on the street, however, it’s better not to rely on luck if you're pressed for time.  

We recommend you to be careful. Don't agree to a set price as drivers are required to turn on their meter. At night (9pm-6am), on weekends and during holidays the fare is 20% more than usual. 

Tipping is not common in Portugal but you can round up if the service is satisfactory.

2. Free Now App in Lisbon

FREE NOW (formerly known as MyTaxi) is an app that allows you to schedule a regular taxi free of any surcharge. 

You can order up to 3 taxis at a time and the app is compatible with iPhone, Android and a Windows 7 phone.

3. Uber App in Lisbon

In Lisbon, Uber drivers are typically a bit younger and speak some more English than traditional taxi drivers. Make sure to download the app ahead of time and be sure that it's activated with a working credit card.

You can select the vehicle size and price options based on the needs of your group. 

Uber tends to be slightly less than traditional taxi fares.

4. Bolt App in Lisbon

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is another ride-share app commonly used throughout Portugal. 

You can easily catch a Bolt from the Lisbon Airport, just head to the departures area and arrange for pickup via the Bolt app. 

Bolt works the same way as Uber, you just enter your location and a driver will be paired with you shortly, based on their proximity to you. You can also choose the desired size of vehicle based on the number of passengers. 

The prices of Bolt are generally lower than Uber, but they fluctuate during times of high demand. Moving from one side of the city to the other should generally cost about 6-8 euros. 

Traveling from the airport to the city center should cost about 10-15 euros. 

4. A Tip on Taxis from the Lisbon Airport

At the Lisbon Airport, Uber drivers and other rideshare drivers pick up passengers outside the departures area at the airport, they do not pick up passengers where taxis line up. 

For more information on getting around the city, be sure to check our article Public Transportation in Lisbon.

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